Foundations of Collaboration

Tap into your “in the moment” leadership and communication abilities with on-your-feet practice at accepting new ideas, taking risks, building strategies and collaborating effectively. Participants learn how improv skills apply directly to their work and discover new ways to lead, listen, innovate and connect. A fresh new take on professional development and teambuilding!

Fearless Presentations

Presenting your ideas can be scary! But a little confidence goes a long way when speaking to an audience of 1 or 100. This workshop is great for anyone who has to make sales presentations, pitch creative ideas, speak at conferences or share a clear, concise message with a group. Plus, master the art of confident Q&A, so fielding feedback will never trip you up.

Storytelling for Success

Pitches, presentations, proposals – they’re all part of our daily business life. But how do you deliver the important details and get the response you want in a quick and engaging way? The secret is storytelling. Find out how improvisation and storytelling skills can help you craft a tale that will make people take action. We’ll also teach you how to listen and respond to your audience without throwing your story and intent off track.

DuMore Gamestorming

Gamestorming lets your team examine challenges more deeply, explore new ideas, perform experiments and test hypotheses. These eye-opening exercises help participants ditch the idea of “always doing things the same way” and learn new rules for interaction. Activities include questioning, structuring large diagrams, sketching ideas, fusing words and pictures together, and improvising — all designed to tackle a specific challenge and walk away with strategies to solve it.

Emotional Intelligence & Improv EQ

Today’s leaders need the ability to navigate through unexpected challenges, foster innovation, and build organizations where people thrive. In other words, they must possess keen Emotional Intelligence. Research shows that these skills improve leadership effectiveness, employee retention, organizational culture, and your bottom line. Learn how improvisation training can improve your EQ score by teaching you to become more self and socially aware and how to use that awareness to build better relationships and teams.

Dumore Improv Academy

Incorporating improvisation training into your Higher Education curriculum and professional development is a smart way to build adaptive leaders who are equipped to handle the ever-changing dynamics of global enterprise. Participants learn to assess opportunities, take risks and remain resilient though interactive improv training that applies directly to business. Perfect for orientation sessions, teambuilding, career services workshops, and faculty and staff development.

Our curriculum is flexible and customizable so your team can work on the skills that are key to your particular business. From brainstorm warm-ups to active listening to storytelling, we have a wide range of topics to choose from.

We know the word “improv” can make people nervous, so we make sure that:

  • Our training focuses on cooperation and collaboration
  • Exercises are done in pairs or groups so no one is ever put on the spot
  • We deliver our learning objectives through a combination of lecture, demonstration and on-your-feet improv exercises
  • After each exercise, we discuss the core learning objective and how you can apply it directly to your business

DuMore Improv workshops build self-awareness about how we communicate with co-workers, managers, employees and the people we interact with every day. Honing skills like active listening, innovative thinking, risk taking and decision making transforms the way our participants perform in and out of the office.

Not only will your team learn improv and business skills that will stick with them, they’ll do it amidst lots of laughs and great stories.