How to start a conversation with MOO is one of our favorite places for clever business ideas and they just let us in on a little secret. You can use their mini cards for teambuilding! Just print up a batch of conversation starter questions (like the ones pictured above) and hand them out at the beginning of your weekly team meetings. It will get the convo flowing and encourage your group to talk about more than “what are you doing for lunch?”. These mini-cards are also great for client meetings and one-on-one chats. Give them a try.

Need help finding a creative way to get your team inspired for 4th quarter? Let DuMore Improv take care of it. We’d love to bring our Intro to Improv, Storytelling for Business or Improvisation for Innovation workshop to your office. Or create a custom workshop designed just for your team. Either way – guaranteed fun!


Cheers, Allison & Elizabeth


P.S. Now, here’s a real Moo-inspired team meeting.