How can ghost stories help your business?

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and as we sit here shoving candy corn in our faces, we were thinking about why we love it so much – ghost stories!! Last month, we taught a brand new workshop “The Business of Storytelling” for our wonderful clients at Turner Entertainment Networks. We dug deep into what makes a great story and ways you can use storytelling skills to improve sales, get buy-in from bosses or share ideas with peers. But did you also know that the secrets to a super spooky campfire story are the same ones you’d use at the office?

Ghost story pro Alasdair Stuart believes there are 4 tricks for capturing the attention of your audience. You have to take control of your environment, audience, story and yourself. A great article in The Guardian reveals his favorite nuances like using a single light source and seating your audience in a wedge than fans out from the speaker. He also explains that a pretense of truth is essential and that it’s helpful to use a repetitive, memorable phrase. Check out the story for yourself and see if you can incorporate his techniques into your next pitch – or at least tell a great Halloween ghost story this season!

Give us a shout (or scream!) if you’d like DuMore Improv to scare up a fun storytelling workshop for your organization. The end is near – how will you tell your 2013 business success story? We can help.

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Cheers, Allison & Elizabeth
Here’s to a Halloween filled with more treats than tricks!