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Episode 1 – Warm Lemon Water aka Accepting Without Judgement

In this episode, Allison and Jim take a deep dive into what makes acceptance possible, even when you don’t agree. The DuMore Improv Podcast is Allison Dukes Gilmore and Jim Karwisch, two coaches, facilitators, trainers, and speakers in the space of Leadership, Experiential Learning, Gamification, and of course, Improv. Join us today as we riff […]

The Artifact Effect

Jim’s first experience with the Artifact Effect, (an in-house DuMore term, so don’t bother googling it) happened a week after his twelfth birthday party. He was having a conversation with his mom, and he kept looking down at his wrist, admiring his brand new shiny black Casio digital watch. His mom saw him do this […]

A Culture of Yes-and

This post first appeared on karwisch.wordpress.com Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions, and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation. –Shawn Parr I work in a culture of Yes-and. It is how I approach my life and my relationships. Yes-and is how I make my […]

5 Reasons Why Conference Calls Are The Worst

Virtual meetings are our new way of life. They are beneficial to the company’s bottom line, and if we execute them correctly, they can be even more impactful than meetings held on site. Video conferencing can help build trust and increase engagement in your teams without the need for a plane ride, gridlock traffic and […]