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Do you allow room to surprise yourself?

On an outing with my wife and son to an outdoor festival, I had a chance observe my son’s reaction to a surprising success and it gave me an opportunity for insight into my own attempts at success. We had driven 30-minutes to a state park in Georgia where volunteers had set up lots of […]

What is your Next Right Thing?

There are times when we get stuck in a project or a task and are not sure how to get ourselves over the hump. Today we will look at three causes of paralysis and how we can simplify to overcome them. Future Thought Prohibits Present Action As business people, Allison and Jim spend large chunks […]

The Crab Mentality

As Jim gathers data and experiences for his future book “The Ladder and the Lift: Improvisation for Intentional Interactions” he will be posting insights here on the DuMore Improv Blog. When we focus on intentionality in our interactions, it is necessary for us to know what it would look like to succeed at intentionality and what […]

Episode 2 – What does DuMore do?

In this episode, Allison and Jim discuss what DuMore Improv does in the business world and why we are a blast! The DuMore Improv Podcast is Allison Dukes Gilmore and Jim Karwisch, two coaches, facilitators, trainers, and speakers in the space of Leadership, Experiential Learning, Gamification, and of course, Improv.