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Thanks for the Lift

Ever since I discovered ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft during that cold November night of Chicago weather, I have been a fan. I’ve used ride-sharing all over the world from international cities like NYC, LA, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, to small towns like Seneca, SC, and Chattanooga, TN. The downside? I look forward […]

Courage Doesn’t Come from a Wizard

We live in a world of unknowns – Will I get that promotion?  Is he going to propose? Are they going to respond to my email with a signed contract?  What am I going to make for dinner? The thing about unknowns is that they can often-times trigger a tricky emotion that can undermine our […]

Yes, And-ing Unforeseen Obstacles in Dangerous Territory

Imagine yourself on a week-long trip to the beach. The sound of waves crashing, seagulls cawing, dolphins chattering all around you. You make your way back to the beach house to comfort, and safety… or so you think. At DuMore, both Allison & Jim have a personal ritual – an annual week at the beach […]

A Special DuMore Improv New Year’s Toast…

Cheers, friends! DuMore Improv’s favorite holiday is almost here – New Year’s Eve! We’re looking forward to good food, good buddies, lots of fun and games and an exciting newyear. We hope you are too! Loading up your plate at the New Year’s Eve buffet table sounds easy, but coming up with the perfect party toast? Not so much. So we decided to help you out with a DIY […]

What Our Favorite Halloween Candy Says About Us

It’s Halloween week & we hope you’re ready to dig in to some spooky treats. Did you know that our favorite Halloween candy says a lot about our (or our co-worker’s) leadership style? Read on to see if you can spot the Snicker or Smartie in your group. What Our Favorite Halloween Candy Says About Our Leadership Style Candy Corn – A super sweet leader, but best in small doses Snickers – A little […]

The #1 Office Game Changer This Fall

Tired of your team turning on each other like fall leaves in New England? Wish your teammates would bring some business-changing ideas to the table? Wonder how you can get everyone’s energy level up for the Q4 push? If that nip in the air is getting you excited about a new season, there’s a good chance […]

Your Top 25 Summer Reading Picks!

Aw, yeah. Our bookshelf is about to look like THIS — thanks to your contributions to our summer reading list. We appreciate everyone sharing their favorite titles. Wow, you guys are serious readers! We’ve got a great mix of inspirational, intriguing and just plain fun. Now get your beach and pool bags ready…here are YOUR top 25 picks. The 46 Rules of […]

Hey, what are you reading right now?

Hey, there! What are you reading? Huh? Huh? Let me see. Were you one of those kids that couldn’t wait for the Summer Reading List to be posted at the library? Did you read all of the books in one week and beg your parents for more? Do you wish you had a grown-up reading list […]

Help! Will this meeting ever end?

How many times (this week!) have you sat through a meeting and wondered “when will this be over?” We’ve done it at least 6 times already and it’s only Thursday! Which is why we’re bringing you a practical improv technique that few people talk about – ending the scene. Sure, we talk about clever ways to […]

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

Spring is the season of growth and there’s no better way to grow personally and professionally than to increase your emotional intelligence (also known as your EQ). Last month, Allison was invited to participate in a weekly “Coach Chat” session moderated by Carolyn Bergman, Senior Director of Alumni Career Services at Emory University. Nearly 150 alumni signed […]