Add a little improv to your lesson plan!

Remember how exciting the first day of school was? Loading up your book bag with virgin notebooks and putting on your game face. Just because you’re a little older doesn’t mean you can’t own August with a badass back-to-school attitude! Learn something knew with a continuing education course at your local university or community college, sign up for a free online class at Coursera (Elizabeth is taking songwriting!) or better yet, host a DuMore Improv workshop at your office or school and let us teach you some new tricks.

This back-to-school season, DuMore Improv is excited to be teaching over 500 MBA students entering programs at universities across the Southeast. Plus, we’re back for an encore session teaching entering doctoral students at Harvard Business School and we traveled to California to work with business and community leaders at UC Berkeley. Our Improvisation Basics for Business workshop helps students connect with each other early in the semester and jumpstarts their teamwork and collaboration skills from the get-go. This approach works for corporate teams, too, and helps groups refocus after summer vacation and get energized about 4th quarter.

Be sure to follow DuMore Improv on Facebook, where we’ll be featuring a free weekly improv lesson! We’ll post an easy-to-learn improv game every week that you can play with your co-workers, students, friends, family or people you meet in line at Starbucks. Comment, tweet or drop us an email and let us know how you like the games!

Happy Learning!
Allison & Elizabeth