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DuMore’s improv session helped to improve my understanding of active, careful listening.  Many times, in our busy work environments as leaders, we tend to move on in thought while someone is speaking to us.  Active listening allows you to set people up for success which ultimately leads to success of the team – a great improv lesson to learn that can translate to an executive environment!

Product ManagerDelta Air Lines

The improv sessions were helpful to me because they break the natural tension that can exist between people that generally interact in a business setting.  Once on a more personal level, free thinking, open dialogue, and constructive ideas flow rampantly.

DirectorProduct Strategy, Club Car, Inc., Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies

The improv sessions really made me think about whether or not I was setting my coworkers and direct reports up for success during meetings, when transitioning conversations or discussions over to them. Improv showed us the value of bringing people into the act on a positive note instead of bringing them in on the defensive. I’ve used this at work and have found that it has made meetings and discussion more productive and positive.

Logistics Engineer Business Development, Cardinal Logistics Mgmt.

Your discussions really reinforced its relevance.  One thing that has always perplexed me is coming up with just the right thing to say at the right moment and this was a great prep for that.

Associate ProfessorDept. of Surgery, East Tennessee State University

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